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New Shop Process Video

  We had the honor of working with Charley Voorhis of Voortex Productions  on a new shop video and finished the edit just in time to kick off 2019.  This video highlights the build process for our all leather bags and gives you an up close and personal view of our current shop location in downtown Wenatchee, WA.    

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Spring Exploring

Since my earliest memories, the transition seasons have always been my favorites and the source of major inspiration.  The layering of color and depth of texture seem to be strait from a well used, dried up painters pallet rather than from nature.  I am fortunate enough to have a very flexible schedule being self employed and had the opportunity in late winter/spring to have time at home 3 mornings a week with my two youngest kids, Oliver (4) and Asher (almost two).  These are our adventures.

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Opinel Knives

Simplicity is bliss.  I've always been a firm believer in this statement and try to apply it to every aspect of my life.  Shoes, boots, bicycles, the leather goods I build, and the tools I use all seem to work better, last longer, and generally age with grace the more simply they've been built.  Opinel knives are no exception. For more than 120 years Opinel has been hand building knives in France using high quality carbon steels and a simple wooden handle.  Incredibly well made and built for a lifetime of use.    

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