When will I get my order?  

Vermilyea Pelle strives to keep all our products in stock and delivered to you within a week.  With all products being bench-made, we will sometimes need to build the product from scratch but will contact you with an updated delivery date.

Do you do repairs?

Vermilyea Pelle is enthusiastic to keep all our products in good working order and stand behind our craftsmanship.  Unfortunately, nothing is indestructible, but we will to do everything we can to keep our products is use.  Contact us with a description of the problem and we will email shipping instructions.  Charges will occur if it is determined that the repair is not needed due to faulty material. (We do not repair non Vermiyea Pelle product.)

Where are your products Sourced?

We strive to use the finest materials available.  The majority of our raw materials come from the USA, UK, Europe, and Japan.   We will not sacrifice our values for price and will not sacrifice quality for geography.  We do promise to never miss-lead you about our materials or products and do our best to inform you about the origin of materials on all of our products.

Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately, we do not take on custom orders.  This is mostly to ensure adequate product testing and to maintain reasonable lead time on current products.


Do you do volume discounting?

Vermilyea Pelle provides volume discounting on a case-by-case bases.  Reach out us, letting us know the category and volume you have in mind.  Once discount volume is determined we will email you a discount code to place your order.

Can you "personalize" my products?

We offer some personalization depending on the product.  Please email 

 dustin@vermilyeapelle.com for personalization requests.

Do you wholesale?

Vermilyea Pelle does do wholesale work with strategic partners.  Reach out to us and we will have a discussion.   dustin@vermilyeapelle.com


What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy.

What do I do if I ordered the wrong size?

Send the product back using the return ship that arrived with your product in accordance to our Refund Policy.