glass bottle container of Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

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We are now offering Venetian Imperial Leather Balm to help care for your waxy, smooth fine leather goods.  We use this cream in our own manufacturing/building process to do the final touch up before shipping products out.  Much higher wax content than Venetian Shoe Cream.

A superior all natural treatment for fine smooth leather articles. A proprietary blend of waxes, conditioners and oils including beeswax, shea butter and lanolin chosen to maximize conditioning and nourishment to leather while providing a brilliant finish that protects and revives. No harmful silicones or resins. Offered in neutral.

Best for conditioning high wax/grease content leathers, or for adding maximum water repellency to worn leathers.  *May darken light colored leathers.  Test in an inconspicuous area on the article.*